Road tolls - Tunnel fee

Did you know that there is only ONE road toll in Iceland? It's the northern part of Iceland located between Akureyri and Húsavík.

There is no toll gate. How can I pay?

This is an automatic system which reads the license plate number on the car when you drive through the tunnel.

1. Visit

2. Enter the license plate number

3. Press confirm to make, color and weight of the car.

You don't need to make any changes here. Just make sure you entered the correct license plate number.

4. Choose a period

a. For a single trip you can choose expiration date now

b. For multiple trips you can choose expiration date at the end of your rental/other date. All trips until the expiration date will be directly charged to your credit card.

5. Enter your credit card information, email and phone number

When can I register?

You can register anytime on before your trip through the tunnel but no later than 3 hours later.

What happens if I don't pay myself?

If the trip is not paid for 3 hours after you pass through the tunnel Saga is charged for the tunnel fee. Therefore Saga will charge your credit card for the fee + administration fee. See more information about administration fees.