Winter tyres in Iceland for rental cars 

Winter tyres in Iceland for rental cars are important when driving in Iceland during winter period. We equip our rental cars and 4x4 / AWD vehicles with quality winter tyres from mid-October to mid-April every year. Our winter tyres are from the Nokian tyre producer in Finland were tyres are tested under severe conditions. Winter tyres on our rental cars are included in the rental rate.

We can offer studded winter tyres (winter tyres with spikes) on request if you need to drive in areas with icy roads and heavy snow. Please be aware though that by law studded tyres are only allowed from 1st. november to 15th april each year. We do not offer snow chains for the tyres of the rental car.

Even with the correct equipment, icy roads, in combination with bad weather, require you to reduce your speed significantly.
Here below you can read about the things you need to be aware off while driving in Iceland in the winter time.

Book now your rental car with quality winter tyres for your winter holiday in Iceland.

Winter Driving in Iceland

There are many things to be aware off during winter while driving around Iceland. Remember that you are the driver and it is your responsibility to check road and weather conditions and assess whether it is safe for you to travel.

Driving in snow and ice

Roads are often icy during the winter time and you should show extra caution while driving and drive slower than the speed limits.

Black Ice - invisible ice. You can not see it yet the roads are extremely slippery. Can happen when temperatures drop below zero, even just a little bit.

Patches of Ice - common during winter. Maybe the roads have been clear for miles but only a small patch of ice can do a lot of damage if the driver is not alert.

If the vehicle starts to slide, TAP THE BRAKE GENTLY several times and keep calm. Do not push the brake to the floor as the tyres might lock - losing their ability to slow you down.

Heavy snow - If everything is covered in snow and the lines are unclear the yellow sticks mark where the road lies. Off road driving in strictly forbidden !

Getting stuck in snow - Try avoiding roads with heavy snow as you most likely will get stuck. Cost of rescue is high and the vehicle could get damaged in the process where the driver is liable for the full cost. This will also cause delays in your drip.

If you are stuck try to wiggle the car back and forth by pressing the accelerator just a little bit. Avoid pressing the accelerator to hard as snow might gather under the vehicle making it even harder to get out. Move snow away from the tyres and from underneath the vehicle. Have someone push the car back and forth as you wiggle.

Assistance if stuck - If there is no hope of getting the vehicle out please call for help. DO NOT LEAVE THE VEHICLE as weather can change extremely quickly and can prevent you from finding the vehicle again. Cost varies between service outlets.

Weather conditions 

Weather conditions can become very dangerous in a short period of time. We advice all our customers to ALWAYS check both road conditions and weather forecast and always be ALERT.

Road blocks - Roads can be temporarily closed due to extreme road conditions, weather and/or snow. Please do not enter a road that is blocked as it is dangerous and can cause serious damages to the rental car. Closed roads are not always blocked with signs. Check road conditions!